Free 'Mythical Mirror' Screensaver

Nine images with music created with Bryce 5 created by airbrush artist, Toni Lea Combs. Download other screensavers and images from Chair included in some images is copyright of Tony Lynch Designs. Visit his site for more images to download into Bryce and Poser. Arch in some pictures is copyright of Frits de Bruijn. Screensaver copyright, ART-TLC ©.

Download 1.5 MB Screensaver for All Windows and Screen Settings:

Main Location Download

Slower Download Location

(Make note of the screensaver name and where you are downloading the file while doing this). Once downloaded and unzipped with WINZIP, click onto "mythical.exe" and this will install your screensaver into windows system automatically with some prompts. To uninstall the screensaver, delete "mythical.scr" from windows>system file.

More Free Screensavers

These screensavers and wallpapers are Freeware but not Public Domain. You may link to this page, but it is PROHIBITED to copy these files to your server or on a CD. All files are protected by copyright and can not be sold or redistributed in any form.


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