DOWNLOAD GOES TO ERROR PAGE: If you have installed any special downloading programs, like Download Accelerator, you might not be able to access these files. If you are using one, please close it and download using your browser. To disable Download Accelerator, right click on the desktop accelerator icon and there is option to "Disable Browser Integration".

CAN'T GET DOWNLOAD OR SEE IMAGES: - Norton Personal Firewall, Norman AntiVirus, and Norman Personal Firewall must be disabled to download these screensavers. Norton and Norman can also prevent you from seeing images on my pages. If this happens to you, please disable Norton Internet Security or Norman firewall while visiting my pages. There might also be a 'options' adjustment in the settings on both of these programs so that all sites can be viewed.

DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR: For your information,Download Accelerator Plus is considered a spyware program by Pest Patrol, because it:
1) changes browser settings other than homepage, without user permission.
2) displays popup/popunder ads that cannot be closed by clicking a 'close' (X) button in the upper right of the frame.
3) silently connects to an unintended site (with or without redirecting the address request) during a browser session, to transmit usage or other information to that site.
4) silently connects to the Internet after reboot and without user awareness or consent in that session.
5) silently tracks sites visited along with identification of the user/machine by GUID, IP address, email address, name, SSN#, phone number, credit card info, or other identifier.
6) stays resident in background after exiting browser.
I would suspect that any downloader program has similar properties.


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