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Download For Windows 10
Download Goes to Error Page
Can't Get Download or see Images
Installing wallpapers in Chrome
Blocking Pop Ups and Banner Ads
Attention AOL and MSN Users
Download Instructions
ScreenSaver Doesn't Work
Installing Older Savers to New PC or 64 Bit
Uninstall Instructions
Screensavers and Display Settings/Sound
Advertisements Banners' Content
About Adware and Spyware Programs
Some Downloader Programs are Spyware
Details about changing Firewall Program Settings
Warnings and Information about running Web Sites and Terms of Use


DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS 10: To install on Windows 10 (if you get security error notices), right-click on the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator" and then the screensaver will install, with no problems.

DOWNLOAD GOES TO ERROR PAGE: If you have installed any special downloading programs, like Download Accelerator, you might not be able to access these files. If you are using one, please close it and download using your browser. To disable Download Accelerator, right click on the desktop accelerator icon and there is option to "Disable Browser Integration". For more detailed information on changing settings in these programs CLICK HERE!

CAN'T GET DOWNLOAD OR SEE IMAGES: - Norton Internet Security 2004, Norton Personal Firewall, Norman AntiVirus, and Norman Personal Firewall can be disabled to download these screensavers. Norton and Norman can also prevent you from seeing all images on my pages and other websites. If this happens to you, please disable Norton Internet Security or Norman firewall while visiting my pages. Simply disable Norton Internet Security. Better still, uninstall it and replace by free Windows Firewall that never deforms web sites by removing totally innocent images. For permanent solution to the problem, CLICK HERE for detailed information on changing settings in these programs.

There are also 'options' adjustments in the settings on both of these programs so that all sites can be viewed. By default, Norton Internet Security blocks all ads and banners on all websites. This can be harmful because logos and other important info on websites, can be blocked if this setting is left 'on'. If this program came with your new pc, be sure to take the block off, so that webpages will not be left with huge blank spots.

XP SP2 update (August 2004) blocks pop ups by default. If you choose to see these, the default settings in Windows must be changed.

ZoneAlarm also blocks images if you have settings on "High". A 'quick fix' for this is to change back to Default settings for ZoneAlarm, which is "Medium". For more detailed information on changing settings in these programs CLICK HERE!

Large images can take some time to load, so please be patient. If no image appears in a minute or so and instead you get a broken image sign (small 'x' where the image should be), please let us know.

To fix the issue as soon as possible, please copy and paste the page URL from address line of your browser in to your email. We have thousands of images stored in our servers, so knowing exactly which image is causing a problem is important.

If you have problems viewing our thumbnail images, that is likely to be caused by Norton Internet Security, in which the default settings disables images on many perfectly safe sites by being overzealous. Simply disable Norton Internet Security, to make the thumbnails visible. Better still, uninstall it and replace by free Windows Firewall that never deforms web sites by removing totally innocent images.

INSTALLING WALLPAPERS TO CHROME: You can't right click to install walls from Chrome to your computer, without an extention, which you can download DOWNLOAD HERE! Installing walls without the extention is easy to do. Just 'right click' and 'save image as' to a folder of your choice on your pc, then select the image from Properties>desktop>browse, to put the image on desktop.

All TLC sites has deleted all POP UP ads. Blocking all banner ads from sites offering 'Freeware', might seem like a great idea to you, but your favorite FREE sites will disappear forever, because ads were blocked. FREE SITES depend on advertising to pay for their content and hosting. If all advertising is BLOCKED, FREE SITES will have to start charging $$ for wallpapers, screensavers and other downloads!
Please do not block my ads, if you want to continue to enjoy free screensavers and wallpapers from my sites. There are lots of nice things related to my content in ads. Thank you. PS: ART-TLC has eliminated all ads at this point, while lookign for a new advertiser.

PASSWORDS: This site does NOT require a password to download screensavers! See details below "AOL AND MSN USERS". This might occur with any other customized browsers, like MSN users. Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers will download all files without any problems. I suggest you minimize your customized browsers and use Internet Explorer or Netscape. Downloading latest Windows Update will also eliminate the 'password error'.

ATTENTION AOL AND MSN USERS: Unfortunately AOL and MSN browser seems to give a password error to some visitors trying to download my files. Please minimize your AOL browser and open Internet Explorer. Copy and paste the page address from your AOL browser to Internet Explorer URL bar and you should be able to download the files normally from the page showing in Internet Explorer. Downloading latest Windows Update will also eliminate the 'password error'.

DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS: Make note of the screensaver name and where you are downloading the file before hitting 'save'. Once downloaded unzip with this free program or use Windows XP, and click onto the filename to install. - Any broken links, please contact webmaster. For more detailed instructions on downloading any screensaver on any site, Click Here. For more detailed instructions if experiencing problems downloading from my sites CLICK HERE!

SCREENSAVER DOESN'T WORK This happened on my 32 Bit PC while testing old saver programs that were made over 10 years ago. The ".SCR" was installed to C:\Windows\System instead of C:\windows\system32. The 'fix' is to copy/paste the ".SCR" file to C:\windows\system32.

INSTALLING OLDER SAVER TO NEW PC or 64 BIT: Just bought a new PC and want your favorite older saver to work on the new PC, or the saver didn't work after install to 64 Bit PC?
New PC is 32 BIT:
Install the Screensaver.exe file, then copy/paste ".SCR" (not .exe) file from the C:\Windows\System folder to C:\windows\system32 folder in 32 bit PC's and it will work.
New PC is 64 BIT:
If possible, install the saver to your old PC, then Copy the ".SCR" (not .exe) file from your old PC by using a CD, flash drive, or connecting old and new PC with network cable. Copy/paste ".SCR" (not .exe) file from C:\Windows\System32 on your old 32 bit PC to C:\windows\syswow64\ on your 64 bit machine. Windows versions may vary and some require .scr in the C:\Windows\System32, even on a 64 bit PC. Open display properties, select the saver, hit 'apply', then 'OK' and the saver will start up after machine is left idle. Do not hit 'preview' in properties until after the saver has run at least once.
If you get an error message, saying that a driver is missing, try running ".exe" file first, which will put driver on pc, then paste the ".scr" file from old PC to new one, or search for the driver file on web to download if that fails.

UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: You can remove some screensavers from Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs. Others, that are not in Add/Remove can be deleted from windows\system in Win9x and ME, and windows\system32 in XP.

SCREENSAVERS AND DISPLAY SETTINGS/SOUND: These screensavers are only for WINDOWS PC and most of them are optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution (newer savers fit any screen size). If you do not hear the music (after downloading saver), check that 'Windows media player' is your default player. To mute the sound: right click on your desktop, then on properties>screensaver>settings>mute sound. If you have Windows 2000, you might have to disable 'active desktop' in display properties for some savers to work properly. Some screensavers 'will not play' in XP home edition...."IF you preview them first". Just set saver to run and it will come on as normal. Previewing saver will put an icon on task bar and prevent saver from running (delete the icon).

ADVERTISEMENT BANNERS' CONTENT: There are many screensavers in advertisements appearing on this site. Advertising banners are not part of the site content.

None of the programs that are download from advertisement banners are made by ART-TLC.

ABOUT ADWARE AND SPYWARE PROGRAMS: The screensavers and wallpapers that are made by ART-TLC and are the content of this site, DO NOT contain spyware or any other programs, but only the saver you are downloading. To make a saver, I have the JPG"s that I make and usually a small midi file (downloaded from the net and checked with antivirus), and nothing else goes into the program to create the screensaver for you. All screensaver programs and are clean downloads, with nothing added but the JPG's and music.

No programs will be loaded on to your pc while visiting this site without your knowledge!

You may choose to accept some adware programs from our sponsors (Freeze or other companies in Google ads) by not removing checks in boxes included in their download. While downloading our sponsor's (Freeze) programs, uncheck the box to change 'home page', and uncheck all boxes pertaining to programs you do not wish to download. You will still be able to download the sponsor's saver, with all boxes unchecked except the "I agree" box, which is the last box asked for and required to get the saver and no adware will be loaded on to your pc.

Click Here for a list of known spyware programs from Pest Patrol.

5/5/04- I have recently found some of my screensavers have been stolen from my sites and put on DESKTOPCITY.COM. These savers have been wrapped in a download bundle with Spyware and Viruses (even though they say differently on their site)! I have no affiliations with these thieves!

SOME DOWNLOADER PROGRAMS ARE SPYWARE or ADWARE: Details on how to download if you have these program are above. For your information, some Downloader Programs are considered a spyware/adware programs by Pest Patrol, because some:
1) changes browser settings other than homepage, without user permission.
2) displays popup/popunder ads that cannot be closed by clicking a 'close' (X) button in the upper right of the frame.
3) silently connects to an unintended site (with or without redirecting the address request) during a browser session, to transmit usage or other information to that site.
4) silently connects to the Internet after reboot and without user awareness or consent in that session.
5) silently tracks sites visited along with identification of the user/machine by GUID, IP address, email address, name, SSN#, phone number, credit card info, or other identifier.
6) stays resident in background after exiting browser.
I would suspect that any downloader program has similar properties. For more detailed information on changing settings in these programs CLICK HERE!

XP HOME EDITION USERS: Some screensavers will not play in XP home edition....IF you preview them first. Just set saver to run and it will come on as normal. Previewing saver will put an icon on task bar and prevent saver from running. Delete the icon.

ANTIVIRUS FALSE POSITIVES: You can see 'here' that Norton deems my main download site as safe! Feel free to search any of ART-TLC's sites from this page and see that all are considered safe in every way.

The screensavers and wallpapers that are made by ART-TLC and are the content of this site, DO NOT contain spyware, mallware, viruses, or any other programs, but only the saver or wallpaper you are downloading.

You can read from Wikipedia about how some screensavers can read as a "False Positve" by your antivirus program. I have several programs that I load my JPG's, GIF's, and MIDI files into to create an EXE file for you to install on your pc. Screensavers use the C or C++ programming languages, along with Graphics Device Interface (GDI), DirectX, or OpenGL, to craft their final products.

While Antivirus programs are useful for identifying new viruses and variants, they can also trigger many "false positives" in the programming languages that screensaver building programs use. "False Positives" is the term used to describe a potential threat that is incorrect because the threat indicated a condition or finding that does not exist.

I use a clean photo or make a picture for a wallpaper or screensaver by constructing from scratch in a 3D graphic program, which makes it impossible to possess any attribute harmful to your pc. All Midi files are scanned before they are added to the screensaver, but I have noticed that any music in savers seems to create more "false Postitive" notices, so I will try to make most without music and only my JPG's. All ART-TLC screensavers and wallpapers (downloaded from "-TLC" sites), are 100% safe for your pc, and I want you to have a good experience with my site's contents. Any antivirus program that flags my savers or walls a threat is reading as a "False Positive" because of the information I have given above.

BROWSER DOWNLOAD WARNINGS: Just last week (August 10,2012), Google's Chrome browser has started adding warnings to downloads, that look similar to Norton antivirus warning pop up windows. This is triggered by a download that comes from another domain name than the domain you download the file from.

THIS PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED WITH LATEST UPDATE TO CHROME VERSION 21.0.1180.83 ON 8/27/12! ART-TLC owns 17 domains and the files are so large that they are spread out over some of these other domains, to speed up the download process. All the domains are coming from one IP address, however, on my dedicated server, that houses only ART-TLC domains and none from any other websites.

Large screensaver downloads use a lot of bandwidth, which webmasters pay for. In the past, over use of bandwidth on a domain could cause it to be closed if exceeded the amount available. That's why ART-TLC purchased so many domains when the company opened seventeen years ago. Having many domain downloads also made it harder for other webmasters to steal our bandwidth by direct linking to our download files. ART-TLC would quickly change the name of the file or move to another domain to discourage theft.

Technology has changed and Google (see image here), who only recently is expanding to more than just a search engine, is pushing for control of your browser and your pc. It regards downloads from other domains as 'qustionable', and doesn't understand the reasons behind such practices; therefore, it labels downloads as 'phishing' or 'malware'. I repeat...ART-TLC guarantees that our downloads and site contents (excluding downloads from advertising banners) are completely safe, and it is our comittment to our visitors to keep it that way!

Any saver or wall you download from Our Sponsors is not under our control. Usually, you can opt out of anything added to these programs, but we are not responsible for their content.

If you encounter a problem with any of our savers, please contact us at Email ART-TLC and we will try to fix the problem. Thank you.

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Some websites operate very unethical practices. I have listed here on "INSIDER INFORMATION" the sites and hosts to stay away from!

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