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First you have to buy a domain name, which is registered with a company that protects that name for an annual fee.

I suggest using Domain Discover for all domain name registration. I have used other registrars like RegisterFly.com, which is very cheap, but you get what you pay for. Registerfly locked up my domain name and I could not move it to another host or registrar for months. Also, do not get "free domain names" from hosting companies. You will find that your domain name is owned by someone besides you and you will have a hard time, when you want to move it. Domain discover, is the most 'user friendly' control panel of all domain names and easy moving. I have had domains move within 15 minutes of moving from one host to another with Domain Discover!



BEST HOST AVAILABLE TODAY IS LUNARPAGES! 800 GB transfer $22.95 a month.

Your domain name needs a place to live, and that is where a host comes in. You rent place on the web to put your domain. Hosting fees vary and I have tried many over the last 10 years of owning my websites. I have been with Lunar about 3 years now and am happy with their service.

Lunar pages also offers a LP Quicksite, which has all the tools you need to create a quick website and get it up and running in 2 hours!

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

This site is hosted by LUNARPAGES!. Over the years, many hosts promised things that they could not deliver. Lunar Pages is also recommended by top Internet Magazines, and is the best value.




Free websites and commercial websites can benefit by using advertising banners on their site. I suggest Google Adsense banners above all others. You might want to run another banner company with Google, but I can't reccomend any that will pay you 100% of what's due to you. You can always count on Google Adsense.

Everyone hates 'pop up' banners, but without them, free sites would not survive. They do generate a lot more revenue than normal banner ads. Free sites on the internet will not exist if visitors do not support the advertising sponsors. In the future, the internet might only have all commercial sites and no more free stuff...think about that the next time you see a pop up or advertising banner. Advertising is the only income to keep free sites alive. it's the same prinicipal as ads in a newspaper or on free analog TV stations. Some people subcribe to the newspaper, just for the advertiserments in them.

The banners on my site are advertisements displayed by sponsors that I have chosen. These sponsors pay me a very small amount (1-4 cents usually) when my website visitors click onto a banner (most never do!). The money I make from these banners pays for the sites' rental and upkeep. All banner companies are not honest, however, and some never pay at all.




These are websites that offer advertising banners for you to run on your site, but do not honor their contract to pay you your commissions earned. If you are a webmaster, beware of the following sites that have cut payments drastically after money has been earned on banners, or did not pay at all. Be particularly suspicious of sites the hold money for long period before paying, like 3 months or longer. Most ethical banners sites following month after money is earned:

Safe-Audit.com (stopped paying after 6 months)

CommissionJunction.com (took back 64% to 100% of money after earned!)

4Anything.com (no payments)

Big What.com (never paid)

Amazing Media.com (paid out only 10% on money earned after 3 months)

Players Vacation Club.com (paid once, then stopped)

Surfsites USA (cut pay on money already earned, but never paid anything after all..no checks received, ever, for his banner affiliate program or his download program)

Websponsors.com (they will expire banners that are making money for you, while not expiring for other webmasters, and some webmasters have had pay reduced on money already earned,called "scrubbing")

Greeting-Cards.com(absolutely the worst for not paying and still taking on new affiliates!)

Firstname.com (never paid at all)

Also be aware of the following search engines who charge you to list your site, and then turn down the listing, but keep your entrance fee:





Also be aware of the following Host sites who host your site for agreed upon fee and promise a certain amount of space and bandwidth in the deal, only to cancel you at any given time trying to get you to upgrade to a dedicated server:

Myhosting.com, (formerly Softcomca.com).



To keep this site running, I need to pay a 'host' for the server space of ten separate domains, pay a separate yearly fee for each domain name to the registration authority, and when traffic got too heavy, I had to pay extra to some of the hosting companies for exceeding the 'bandwidth' limit (amount of bytes used). With the newer packages of hosting, more bandwidth has been offered than ever before, but beware of hosts that have 'unlimited' bandwidth.

Occasionally, servers malfunction and sites go down for a few minutes to several days before they are fixed, do to no fault of the webmaster. The host has total control of prevention and maintenance of the server. When this happens,you will receive an error message, please come back and try again later or the next day.

I enjoy creating the files you see on my sites, which is my motivation for doing it.




These sites contain Spyware that can attack your pc without your knowledge. I have specifically left these site names 'un-live' so that you will not accidently click on the links to avoid any spyware or adware being put on your pc. I hate sites that put stuff on your pc without your knowledge. My content is totally free





I hate sites that put stuff on your pc without your knowledge. My content is totally free of anything but the images. I have some advertisers that have adware included in their downloads, but these can be 'opted out' but unchecking the selected additives, when downloading their products.

5/5/04- I have recently found some of my screensavers that have been stolen from my sites and put on DESKTOPCITY.COM. These savers have been wrapped in a download bundle with Spyware and Viruses (even though they say differently on their site)! I have no affiliations with these theives!

3/15/11- I have recently found some of my animated backgrounds that have been stolen from my sites and put on FREE-ANIMATIONS.CO.UK. I have no affiliations with these theives! I have contacted them and asked them to remove my copyright material from their site and they have ignored me. The site even states that he downloaded their content from the internet.



TERMS OF USE Of Content On these Sites

What you should know about the copyright and distribution of my files

The webmaster of this site is the sole creator of the screensavers and animations that are made available for you to download, FREE. Lots of work has gone into production of the content of this site. I receive no money from you, your ISP, or anyone else for this content.

These screensavers and animations are Freeware but not Public Domain, which means that they may not be taken and used on another site as if they belong to that site. Everything on my site has a copyright to art-tlc.com.

***Note*** Screensaver images from Movie or Celebrity sites are copyright of their respective owners. Full credit and links are given to the sources of these images. Art images - other than my own original photographs and art work - are used with the permission of the artist and remain their copyright. All screensavers, wallpapers and animations files I create are copyright to art-tlc.com.

You are welcome to download files from ART-TLC.COM, SCREENSAVERS-TLC.COM, WALLPAPERS-TLC.COM, SAVERS-TLC.COM, ANIMATEDBACKGROUNDS-TLC.COM , ANIMATEDWALLPAPERS-TLC.COM, and FAIRIES-TLC.COM pages and link to these pages, but linking directly to my files, copying the files to your server, copying them on CDs, or trying to make profit from them in any other form is strictly forbidden, and protected by international copyright laws! Most of my hits come from friendly sites that link to my pages in the way I have asked. A few of these sites are: Freesaver.com, and Joblo.com.

I have found many sites who have done the opposite from the above statement, but when I contact them, they usually comply with my terms. Some sites have stolen many of my screensavers and those of other screensaver authors.

Sites of this nature feed off the work of other webmasters. They lack the talent to create content of their own for their sites so they STEAL the work of others, violating copyrights to make money. They do not have to pay for bandwidth to download my screensavers because they link directly to my site for the download, making me pay for their content! One of these sites stealing my screensavers is: Schoner.de

The purpose of these files are non commercial use on personal computers or personal webpages (animations). Any commercial site that wishes to use my files must contact the webmaster for consent.

I hope you enjoy my work!

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